You should have peace of mind. That’s why we have a strict compliance process. We guarantee the highest compliance standards and confidentiality when you work with us.

We can customize our compliance framework according to your firm’s requirements by adding any needed layers. Compliance is the foundation of our firm. All experts in our network abide by a strict code of compliance. This ensures that all information discussed is non-material and within the public domain as it goes through our compliance framework.


Compliance screening process: Our Resource Team selects experts for your project and verifies there are no conflicts of interest. We provide a compliance framework questionnaire that we can modify based on your business needs.

Terms and conditions: Clients and Experts agree to work under our terms and conditions. No exceptions.

Expert compliance onboard orientation process: Before starting a project, all experts must be approved by our compliance onboarding process. They do so by understanding and accepting our current terms and conditions and our compliance policy.


For each project, our Resource Team recruits new experts. The team interviews experts — even if they’ve been interviewed before — that are already part of our network. They will identify the experts’ competencies and determine potential conflict of interest and/or violations of compliance laws and regulations.
We screen for the following:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Addressable risk
  • Acceptable risk
  • Existing work contracts
  • Possible violations of any confidentiality agreement

After reviewing the compliance framework and confirming that there are no compliance violations, the next step is to schedule a consultation.


To ensure our database is current and to remain compliant, the Resource Team regularly interviews our experts and updates their professional information. The team also provides them with updated compliance polices.


Maven Day’s Resource Team advises you in all compliance matters. We check and verify all experts and clients receive compliance training. Our Resource Team works under a strict code of conduct and confidentiality agreement where they agree not to disclose any confidential or classified information.